"... He was the engine to drive change!" - Hristina Funa, Director, SYNPEKS - Macedonia

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"... He returned the faith in ourselves to be able to make great and significant changes!" - Karolina Peric. Director, IMACO Systemtechnik - BIH

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"... Antonio has succeeded in three months what we have been trying to do for years..." Dejan Milovanović - AutoMilovanović

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"... With Antonio we dramatically improved our cash flow ..." - Edvard Varda, Director, Zoo hobby

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When I was at elementary school I got the book titled Learn from the Sun, which is actually a wonderful story about a teacher who advised his student to learn from the Sun: it rises in the morning, it sets down in the evening and leaves behind the brightness and warmth. Later at high school I wrote an essay on the subject (it was averagely assessed) and I took this conviction with me and put it in practice when working with my clients.

That thought (about leaving a bright mark behind) has led me my whole life and I took it to my company LOGIKO that I founded in 2007. Our wish is that every day that goes by we leave a bright and warm mark behind us. And today is a new day and a new opportunity to go on the path of knowledge and success so that you could leave in your companies your bright and warm marks. In order to help you with it we have decided to share our knowledge, whose acquisition is in the core of our values. 

The thing that stayed with me since my childhood is love for history. I was especially impressed by a lesson from the history of ancient Rome. It was an episode with Hannibal and his war campaign against Rome. I was fascinated by the way the Roman senators dealt with the danger that Hannibal posed. They first opposed him with an army, and then with another one, and when they saw that they could not prevail against Hannibal on the battlefield, they made a strategic decision to transfer the war to the land of Africa, that is, to Hannibal's homeland. I am mostly fascinated that Rome even with operative problems (a foreign army was in front of the city gate – in Latin: "Hanibal ante portas") was able to think strategically.

I only understood this when I started working with entrepreneurs who were overwhelmed with operational problems.Successful entrepreneurs are those who do not get entangled in the "operative" vortex and who know, despite everyday problems, how to make strategic decisions. Therefore, I decided to help entrepreneurs and managers to discern operational and strategic challenges more clearly and to make decisions more easily.

By implementing numerous SAP projects as a SAP consultant, I deepened systematic thinking and understanding of the business processes, and it was easier for me to see the anomalies and the deficits in them. Further sharpening of my business senses happens with every new project that I do and with every new conversation with an entrepreneur. My greatest pleasure is that after each interaction either through a workshop, conversation, coaching or counseling project I am richer in new knowledge and experience and thus can provide a new value.

My experience

Procurement & Logistics Management Supply Chain Management in the core

1998 - 2002
2002 - 2008

SAP Consulting Process Optimization & Digitization

Business Consulting Complex Problem Solving

2008 - 2023
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