A disciple: "Can you tell me how to fullfil my life?"
Wise Man: "LEARN FROM THE SUN! Rises in the morning,
it sets in the evenings and it leaves a bright and warm trace behind..."

Learn how to fish

One of the wise things according which I am governed is that Chinese proverb: 

"If you want to feed someone for a day, give him a fish, if you want to feed him for a lifetime, teach him how to catch a fish."  And that is mentoring.

If you are experiencing the following signs in your life and / or career, and if you solve them, they will allow you to succeed and launch you into a completely new level:

  • Do you have the need to develop new or improve old skills in process management?
  • Are there any deadlines for project (s) for which you are not sure you will reach?
  • Is your task to work faster and reduce costs?
  • Do you want to give your career a new boost or direction?
  • Are you stuck in the intent to achieve something?

If any of these situations are present in your life, this may mean that you need a partner or coach.

Coaching or mentoring is one of the forms of helping clients that Logiko provides.Edgar Schein wrote the whole book ("Helping") about how he sees helping  clients. The first of his ten consulting principles says, "Always try to be helpful".

Three ways to help

In fact, there are three modalities as a consultant (or coach) can help a client:

  1. From the expert's point of view, telling the client what to do and how to do something
  2. Selling to a client a solution or set of tools that the consultant prefers and knows how to use
  3. Engaging the client in a process that will eventually be perceived as beneficial by the client and by the consultant.

The third model for a relationship and cooperation between a client and a consultant is a consultation through a process (“process consultation”) and is closest to what is called coaching. Coaching process is not technology or a set of interventions for working with individuals or groups, or just some counseling model. It is not a profession or a permanent job. Instead, it is the "helping" philosophy, and technology and methodology of how to help.

Coaching enables realisation of the goals of a company, and an increasing number of companies today support their development and the development of their employees by introducing coaching techniques through internal and external coaching to better monitor and support clearly defined development steps for their managers, directors, professionals etc. In the world of fast changes, we need people and professionals who can handle all the challenges that come up, proactively, fearlessly and very productively.

Business coaching supports this process and enables individuals and teams to clearly define and implement their business goals and desires. It contributes to increasing the ability of employees and enables people in leading positions to optimally lead and motivate their associates. Business coaching is also a support for teams in the development of their tasks and their more efficient implementation.

Let's start!

Once the relationship of effective help for the client is developed, the client and the consultant together can diagnose the situation and develop the appropriate medication. Emphasis is, in fact, all the time on the "process", because it is more important, or at least equally important, how things are done among people and groups rather than what has been done.

In fact, this modality of helping should be used at the beginning of each helping process. One of the reasons is that even diagnosing is actually an intervention. Indeed, intervention in the process of helping begins a lot before then we think. In fact, our coaching process has already started - do you want to continue? Call or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to continue where we have just started.

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