"... He was the engine to drive change!" - Hristina Funa, Director, SYNPEKS - Macedonia

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"... He returned the faith in ourselves to be able to make great and significant changes!" - Karolina Peric. Director, IMACO Systemtechnik - BIH

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"... Antonio has succeeded in three months what we have been trying to do for years..." Dejan Milovanović - AutoMilovanović

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"... With Antonio we dramatically improved our cash flow ..." - Edvard Varda, Director, Zoo hobby

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Mentoring your key people


"If you want to feed someone for a day, give him a fish, if you want to feed him for a lifetime, teach him to fish."


* Teamwork with your chosen team
* Action-oriented mode of communication
* Fresh outside perspective.
* Unlimited access to intellectual capital
* Examples and experience from previous 50+ similar (SCM) projects

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Mini Project

A snapshot of your business

Tailor made 2-day work shop

* Brain storming during the workshop. Follow-Up

* Examples and exercises adapted from your practice. Design of 'compass' for process optimization

* Define critical elements, criteria and KPIs for process optimization.
* Prepare different scenarios.
* Assist management in the structured design of optimal processes.

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Full project - Together in the trenches

Complex problem solving

Series of practical workshops

* Brain storming during workshops. Scenario Navigation

* "What-if" scenario analysis.
* Structured design and implementation of optimal processes. Design and implementation of intelligent processes

* Increase in profitability and growth.
* Improving cash flow and business efficiency.
* Unlimited access to intellectual capital
* Reducing costs while maintaining the level of customer service required.
* Address specific challenges

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