"... He was the engine to drive change!" - Hristina Funa, Director, SYNPEKS - Macedonia

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"... He returned the faith in ourselves to be able to make great and significant changes!" - Karolina Peric. Director, IMACO Systemtechnik - BIH

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"... Antonio has succeeded in three months what we have been trying to do for years..." Dejan Milovanović - AutoMilovanović

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"... With Antonio we dramatically improved our cash flow ..." - Edvard Varda, Director, Zoo hobby

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The Prince is program for those who want to rule (dedicated To the Magnificent Lorenzo Di Piero De’ Medici.) and it is still applicable for modern times in some respect. Machiavelli is what we call "real" politician and he has so bad reputation so I just wanted to find some intimidating parts in his original book. there are two important things for understanding of this kind of book. First, we have to be aware that Machiavelli lived in most cruel times and second, he wrote about how to govern in such a time.

Jim Rohn has been recommended by the author of the book I recently finished and it's pleasant discovery for me. I don't know how I have missed his books until now. Anyway, this very short book is fool of basic wisdom and I can't wait to read some other if his book.

There is an often-told story that when Albert Einstein was once asked what mankind's greatest invention was, he replied: "Compound interest." There's even one claim that Einstein called compound interest the "8th Wonder of the World." So if we are to believe to Albert Einstein beside the gravity the compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. 

So if we take compound effect and use it for greater good it has potential to make wander s for us. In the book The Compound Effect Darren Hardy has shown us how to do that... 

In a extremely simple way explained terms and concepts from kaizen. Also very simple and practical explanation of how to apply kaizen in Logistics and production. The author for example explained very simple differences between distribution and manufacturing companies logistically speaking: "Any distribution company (a company that buys, sells, and maintains an inventory) will subdivide its operations in the same way into the source flows of incoming goods and the delivery flows of outbound goods. A manufacturing company can be viewed as a distribution company that has many value-adding operations between the inflow of goods (materials) and the outflow of goods (finished goods)."

Interesting analysis of capitalism but very cautious forecast where are we heading and what would next society look like.

Capitalism is divided between locust predatory character which only consumes resources and the bee character which creates. It has whole chapter about financial crisis 2008/2009 as imminent feature of capitalism and in which could we refer for present Corona crisis and recession which is coming.

The Locust and the Bee: Predators and Creators in Capitalism's Future by Geoff Mulgan https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23528898-the-locust-and-the-bee?error_code=4201&error_message=User%20canceled%20the%20Dialog%20flow#_=_